Richard And Betsy DeVos Make Education A Priority

Betsy DeVos considers herself a reformer. The wife of Former Amway CEO Richard “Dick” DeVos has worked for over 30 years to help the students of the state of Michigan reach their highest educational potential.


DeVos started in college as a educational reformer. Both she and her husband Dick met in college and married shortly after graduation. They have been on the forefront of changing standards, and both are huge proponents of school choice, vouchers and charter schools.


The DeVoses have a foundation in their name that generously supports students who don’t have the financial backing to go to better schools. Richard DeVos has an aviation charter school in his name for students who are interested in science physics and flying.


Betsy DeVos chairs a number of state organizations devoted to boosting education. Both have worked hand-in-hand with the Michigan State School Board to secure improvements.


Betsy DeVos says she is particularly proud of how the idea of school reform has caught on in other states. “I can still remember the time when school reform was a dirty word,” says DeVos. “It took time, but the idea finally caught fire.”


Now, 17 states have made education reform their priority. Over 250,000 students in several states now have access to better schools thanks to laws passed.


Richard “Dick” DeVos is the son of Amway founder Richard DeVos. He has served as the CEO of Amway Products for 13 years, and he also served as CEO of the family-owned Orlando Magic basketball team.


DeVos branched out on his own and created his own company — Windquest Group.


In 2006, running as a Republican, he made an unsuccessful bid to unseat Democratic Governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm. Although he lost, he says future runs are not out of the question.


He and his wife Betsy have four children.


Doug Levitt Brings A Voice To Struggle

One thing that is true is that there are always people that struggle. However, these people are often left to suffer in silence. For one thing, anything they have to say falls on deaf ears. People often turn a blind eye to those that have been hit with the struggle. However, there is an answer to the problem. This answer is The Greyhound Diaries, which is being written by Doug Levitt. He is someone who is passionate about giving those that are struggling a voice. He has traveled on the Greyhound for years in order to hear the stories of people that are riding on the bus.

A lot of these stories that Doug Levitt has heard and recorded are heartbreaking. However, even in the midst of all the heartbreak of the struggling is hope and inspiration. There is always this reminder that the night is darkest before dawn. Therefore, with people who have hit rock bottom, there is a chance that they could rebuild and rise up. With all of these stories, he is hoping to put them all in The Greyhound Diaries so that people could read them and see a side to society that is often silenced. This is also an opportunity for people who are down and out to learn that they are not alone in their struggles.

Levitt is also planning on singing a few songs about the struggles of some of the Americans featured in The Greyhound Diaries. His whole purpose is to give the marginalized a voice and perhaps a better chance to improve their lives. When people perhaps understand that the struggling are in fact the same as others, they will in fact gain even more sympathy for those that are struggling. If nothing else, Doug Levitt is giving the struggling Americans a chance to be heard.

James Dondero and The Art Of Investing

What does it mean to have a successful career in the financial industry? What makes the great stand out in today’s financial markets? Is it just a title on a door, or is it based in results for an individual’s clientele? Or is it something even more?

James Dondero has had a long and distinguished career in the world of equity markets. Since the beginning of his career, he has helped his various clients succeed financially, and he has consistently brought profit to his many endeavors.

Now, as the head of Highland Capital Management, this success story continues. Overlooking a company with over $18 billion in investments, Dondero has risen through the ranks of the financial markets, and is now considered one of the premier equity market managers.

Highland Capital has continued to grow over the years, and has amassed a specialized team, seasoned in a number of different financial disciplines. It is Dondero’s vision, as well as his dedication to service and profit which allows Highland Capital to continue to bring high levels of satisfaction to its customer base.

In many cases, people do not know the first thing about investing. The same can be said for many large companies as well. But with information and experience from people like Dondero, individuals as well as larger entities can rest assured that they are making the correct plant and actions that will bring them profit in the future. It is not enough just to have an idea of what to do when it comes to investing. To have a seasoned individual on your side is a definite benefit to attain true financial success.

Dondero also spends much of his time giving back to the community. He is extensively involved in a number of charities, and especially charities that involve helping veterans. His philanthropic work is not only a part of his life, but a passion. He gives much of his time to these causes, in the hopes that his unique contributions will help others.

Highland Capital continues to be one of the larger powerhouse equity firms in America, and continues its march into greater profit and wider diversification. With its continuation into a wider scope of financial vehicles and advisory instruments, Highland Capital seeks to be one of the mainstays in equity market investing.


Ken Goodgame Focuses on Creating a Company with Performace and Profitability

Ken Goodgame took his Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Tennessee and ran with it. He started his career opening two hundred and twenty-two Home Depot stores every year from 1995 to 1999. After seeing his successes within the company, he went to be the director for Propriety Brands. During this time he struck a deal with John Deere to manufacture mowers and tractors under the Scott’s Brand. He continued to work for Home Depot until 2002.

From 2002 until 2007 Kenneth Goodgame worked for Newell Rubbermaid. During his time, he managed to take a company that was failing to a 490 million dollar company. He did so by securing a critical thirty million dollar contract with Walmart and launching numerous product lines.

After his time at Rubbermaid, he moved to Techtronic Industries North America where he was the President of Baja Motorsports for two years. Then he moved to the Ace Hardware Corporation where he was the General Merchandising Manager. During his time at Ace Hardware he had to work on their planning strategy after the recession set in. In doing so, he was able to create a four point five percent increase in profits yearly from 2010 to 2013.

In 2013 he moved to True Value Hardware, where he was the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer. At True Value he was able to create vendor supported advertising investment program. In doing so he was able to get True Value a commercial on national television, something that had not happened in ten years.

His vision that has brought these companies much success still stands strong today. He focuses on “delivering a balance of corporate alignment, employee engagement, key performance indicators and quality assurance systems that enable improved performance and profitability”.

The Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is known for many accomplishments that have been specifically dedicated to making the world a better place and for helping to solve some of the world’s most relevant and complex issues with the use and the manipulation of technology. Eric Pulier is a businessman, a philanthropist, an author, an innovator, as well as a father who has always been seen to be ahead of his time with his future intentions of providing solutions with technology. With 25 years already under his belt, Mr. Pulier is the proud owner, developed, co-founder, as well as founder of over 15 successful companies that generate hundreds of millions of dollars on an annual basis. Though Mr. Pulier has found success, he is a believer in the importance of experiencing failure. Mr. Pulier states that success does not come from money, but comes from what one does after experiencing failure and the ultimate sadness.

Eric Pulier is an individual who has had the luckiness to have known exactly what he has wanted to do even at a young age. By the age of nine, Mr. Pulier had built his own computer and by the age of 18, Mr. Pulier has created his first business in high school that created databases for clients. After graduating from high school, Mr. Pulier earned a spot at the prestigious university of Harvard. By 1989, Mr. Pulier had gradated with honors from Harvard University with a degree in English and American literature and a passion for helping others.

By 1991, Mr. Pulier moved to Los Angeles where he created his first company known as People Doing Things. This company addressed and informed the public with some of the most complex issues such as health care. This business that was created 25 years ago has become a reoccurring theme in many of Mr. Pulier’s innovations with technology. As a businessman, Mr. Pulier has wanted to use his success as well as his business to also benefit others around the world. Thanks to Mr. Pulier, many individuals have been inspired by not only his endeavors, but also by his vision for the future.

How DIVERSANT LLC Serves the IT Industry

DIVERSANT LLC is a privately owned enterprise that has been registered in the United States as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise. Most of the proprietors of the company are African-American. The firm provides various IT staffing solutions that are reliable and easily accessible by clients. These services include IT staffing reinforcement, direct hiring, and innovative diversity solutions. DIVERSANT’s products and services are offered on a well-established strategy that aims at ensuring that the community, customers, and associate get what they want. The firm utilizes various approaches that are consultative when offering services to its clients and this has made the customers associate with it as real partners.

Accessing the best IT talents in the industry is currently hard because of to the rapid evolution of the sector. DIVERSANT LLC helps its clients in sourcing IT experts, and it does this by using outstanding policies in the interviewing process. The talented IT specialists that are contracted by the firm have the knowledge to help the clients in developing software that is personalized to suit the various needs. The company has ample skills and experience in the IT staffing sector, and therefore, they can assign different talents with corporations that need them. The IT professionals are therefore able to deliver since they work in a favorable culture and environment that requires their set of skills. The DIVERSANT LLC has excellent relationships with its clients since it offers satisfying services.

John Goullet is an entrepreneur and one of the owners of DIVERSANT LLC. His career kicked off as an advisor in the IT business and he started the IT staffing business after founding Info Technologies in 1994. He serves as a principal executive at the company, and he got the positions after merging Info Technologies with DIVERSANT Inc. The operations of his business, Info Technologies, were fruitful, and it’s worth rose to 30 million dollars within five years. The primary business of the company was to serve the Fortune 500 companies. One of the major achievements of the firm is being listed on the top 500 growing companies in the United States on the Inc. Magazine.

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Malini Saba empowers other women in business

Although you may not think investments and philanthropy go hand-in-hand, they do for Malini Saba, chairman of investment firm Saban. The Malaysian born Saban grew up middle class, but when she came to the U.S. at 19 with her husband, they had $200. Their struggle through his four years at Stanford University taught her as much as the lectures she attended.

Malini started Saban to take on the risky investments she saw would pay out over the long-term and companies not able to enter a venture capital group. Saba looks at where the world will be 3 to 5 years from now based on current trends to decide her investments.

“I saw the opening in India in the early part of the Millennium and focused on real estate there, while most others were hesitant…,” she told Idea Mensch. “The returns from that risk over the last 10 years were outstanding.”

As Saba tasted success with Saban, she chose to help others, founding the non-profit, “Stree: Global Investments in Women,” in 2001. Through Stree she aims to “change how low income and at-risk women and children view themselves and their role in society.”

Although she now resides in Australia, she continues to help U.S. charties as well. In 2005, Saba donated $1 million to the first Heart Research Center for South Asians at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, CA.

It’s family that comes first for Saba though. Every morning she walks her daughter to school giving them personal conversation time. Every afternoon she schedules meetings so that she can walk her daughter home from school.

“I don’t believe in nannys.”

She keeps productivity high by keeping meetings brief – 45 minutes tops. Meticulous research allows her to confidently invest in countries in which others shy away. It also brings her success in the volatile commodities market. She counsels entrepreneurs to trust their gut, take risks and never give up.

“In business you have good days and bad days,” she explained in a recent interview. “Get up, brush off and carry on. That is what differentiates success from failure.”

Saba looks at failure as a learning opportunity and an experience that “eventually can make you more successful.”

Something she learned early on was that start up mode keeps people on their toes and hungry for success, so after 25 years as an entrepreneur, she still runs her current business as if it was a start up.

She also makes it a practice to visit every investment site, every business, so she can assist her staff. Whether it’s a mine or a rice field, she visits and learns the operation.

She told Idea Mensch, “I believe that its important to understand what your staff is experiencing and never losing touch with that.”

Saban finds inspiration in another business leader – Steve Jobs – calling him a “fighter” who stood his ground and used each hurdle in his path to lead him to greater success.

It takes a lot of self belief and vision to be on that path,” she said.